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Uitkyk Hiking Trail


The Uitkyk hiking trail is a one day trail close to and overlooking Hartebeespoortdam. The land has been in the Rissik family for several generations and is the subject of a conservation programme by the family. The trail is well laid out and marked and affords some spectacular views of the mountain range and the dam below.


Perched like a vulture on a cliff edge

A tranquil lake of green far below

I tell the wind and fellow hiker not to nudge

As I spy little boats a tacking so slow

Oh, what a beautiful vista to behold

As one tarries atop Magalies mountains so bold.

Tim Hartwright

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The trail starts of from a fenced car parking area on Rissik estates and descends to cross under the main road and then starts the ascent to the mountain tops. The ascent is quite steep in places and can be quite tough especially when the weather is hot.

From the top the views are spectacular to say the least. The Magaliesberg mountain range stretches away in both directions as far as the eye can see. Hartebeespoortdam is a sight of splendour, worth the climb in itself.

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After resting a while on the mountain edge, the hiker again rejoins the trail and on the way down, passes some lovely rock pools on the way back to base.

The whole trail should not take more than five hours to accomplish and indeed those who hike to show off their fitness should be able to do the trail in half that time. But my advice is to take the trail at an easy pace and enjoy the outing and the stunning scenery.


This is a trail well worth including in any hiking programme. It is within easy reach of Johannesburg and Pretoria and ideal for those with only a few hours to spare.

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