Delta Park

Main entrance No3 Road, off Rustenburg Road, Victory Park, Johannesburg

Delta Park has several facets that make it one of the more popular of Johannesburg City Parks recreational area. It is the home of the Delta Environmental Centre, the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary, the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides (Trefoil Park), a centre for Orienteering and also has a sensory and Brail Trail. It is a popular venue for dog walking, biking and running.


Parking is available at the environmental centre, close to which is the Water Wise Sensory Garden. This garden provides an opportunity for both the blind (the interpretive boards have descriptions in Brail) and the Paraplegic (the paths are paved and wheel chair friendly).


The park provides ample opportunity to walk. It stretches from Standard Drive right down to the Braamfontein Spruit and for the energetic it is ideally placed as a starting point for a walk along the spruit.


The Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary has two hides  (constructed with the aid of Sandton Rotary Club), one of which has a paved pathway to it suitable for paraplegics.


Another popular parking area is situated just off Standard Drive, close to Delta Park School.


Dogs are welcome but bye-law stipulates that they should be kept on leads.






Home of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides



Delta Park is certainly worth a visit if you want (or your dog needs) some exercise. You will find plenty of other people out for that brisk or not so brisk walk. As mentioned before, this is also a popular venue for mountain bikers, the orienteer and even the Kite flying enthusiast.





Delta Park is perhaps one of the safer parks in the city. It should however be remembered that it is a public open space and as such basic precautions should be adhered to. Try to walk in a small group of people. Leave all your valuables at home. Always be conscious of what is going on around you. Johannesburg City Parks and the Delta Users Committee try to make your visit to the park a safe and pleasant occasion but in common with parks and public open spaces throughout the world, there is always risks. The onus is on the individual to ensure his or her own safety.


Johannesburg City Parks

Under whose jurisdiction the trail falls

+27 (0) 11 712 6600

Delta User's Committee

The user's committee organizes walks on the 3rd Sunday of each month. 

     For more information please contact 


Clive Fletcher

082 688 1879


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