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Middelburg Mpumalanga

Overnight backpack trail

Tsweni Trail 28km, 2 days

Day trails

Gecko Trail 5km, Mokgowane Trail 8,5km

Trails now Closed

The Olifants River gorge offers hikers some of the best inland hiking to be had in South Africa. Added to this, the area is only 2 hours drive from the major cities of Gauteng. The area is also home to the rare Middelburg Cycad which rise up between the rocks like Dinosaurs from a prehistoric age.


Tsweni Trail

The accommodation at the start of the trail is certainly above the average that hikers are used to. A kitchen is provided with refrigerator and stove. There are sixteen beds with bedding provided and ablutions which include washbasins, flush toilets and hot showers. A lovely braai area is situated at the back of the building among the rocks.


The first day of the trail starts by following the Mokgowane day route along the edge of the gorge, through some spectacular rock formations.


The Flora of the area is as varied as it is beautiful. Cycads abound including the endemic Middelburg Cycad.


The trail passes a national monument to the Middelburg Cycad (Encephalartus middelberghensis)


Along the trail there are several opportunities to view the splendor of the gorge.


The trail eventually descends into the gorge. Though somewhat different, the scenery remains just as spectacular.


The trail route involves a fair amount of clambering over rocks as it winds its way along the gorge.


Overnight facilities

The overnight camp is situated in the gorge on a flat grassy area. The huts consist of four rooms each taking four beds and mattresses. There is a kitchen with stove. Ablutions consist of flush toilets and warm showers. Close bye there is pools in the river to swim. Firewood is provided.




The second day of the trail continues to follow the river until the confluence of the Olifants and the Klein Olifants.


The trail eventually joins the Gecko trail for the climb out of the gorge back to base camp.



The Tsweni trail is really a great trail and one of  the most scenic that you will find within easy reach of Gauteng. It is not an easy trail and one needs a certain degree of fitness to accomplish it. The water in the Olifants river should not be drunk so it is important to take plenty of water with you.


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