Club members on the Naukluft trail

Mission Statement

To offer members the opportunity to enrich their lives by partaking in environmental and socially related activities offered by the club while taking an active and responsible stance in the preservation of the environment.


Contact Details

   Contact Adeline on:+27 (0)83-299-0899,

   Contact Michele on:+27 (0)82-773-1357,

   Joint Vice Chairman:David Jacobs, Lourens Janse van Rensburg 

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Hiking Trail Development Pages

Are you wanting information on how to go about building a new trail? What are the standards that are accepted for the marking of trails? Here you will find a comprehensive group of pages that should point you in the right direction.

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Footprint Green Pages

While not directly hiking, the organizations listed on these pages deserve our support

for what they do in helping to maintain our natural heritage.

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Footprint Link Pages

Part of the success of the world wide web has been due to the success of the culture

of exchanging links between sites

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Footprint Tourism Pages

Here you will find pages on Game Lodges, Game Reserves, Nature Reserves,

Guest Houses and tourism

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